Make Your Own Lamp

Workshop with Make Your Own at The U Factory. Workshop participants will be presented with hands-on class on creating their very own lamp made out of wood and copper pipes.

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Underscore presents:
A Laboratory Workshop at The U Factory
Make Your Own 

7:00pm – 10:00pm
$180 per person
Includes all materials 

As part of its theme of creative experimentation, Underscore presents a series of intimate workshops to the public, bringing to you Make Your Own at The U Factory, a workshop on turning industrial and recyclable material into furniture, lamps, racks and other household items. Workshop participants will be presented with a live demonstration and a practical class on creating your own industrial style table lamp made out of copper pipes and wood.

Workshop participants will learn:

- How to use power tools for cutting wood, electrical wiring, and bending metal pipes
- About what goes into lighting fixtures

- About the versatility of simple hardware material

In a spirit of DIY creativity, Wenxiang started Make Your Own in June 2013. A former mechanical engineer, Wenxiang worked several jobs, including helping his father out at the latter’s confectionary, before deciding to launch Make Your Own. His interest in DIY started from young; while other teenagers would spend their time in shopping malls, he found himself wandering around hardware stores. Wenxiang is fascinated by the idea of DIY products, believing that each hand-made item adds hard-won character and uniqueness.

Only 12 pax (minimum 4) available to the public per session.

For more information, visit Make Your Own’s website.

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